January 20th 2018

Heroes, it is time to party up, roll dice, and battle evil once again. Level Eater 8 is nigh! Featuring special-guest DMs and gamers like Chris Funk, Keith Baker, James D'Amato, and Darcy Ross!

Raise Funds

Level Eater 8 benefits Lumpen Radio in Chicago. Tune in to hear our prologue game in January.

Art, Games

Come for the art show, stay to learn and play great tabletop games with other friendly nerds and geeks.

Food, Demos

We'll have coffee, snacks, and beer on offer at various times throughout the event. Make yourself comfortable!

By Day

During the day, come by to try new and forthcoming games, play in our Magic tournament, or peruse the art show for rare treasures.

By Night

Starting at 8pm, ticketed players sit down to play an all-new, epic D&D adventure set in the fantasy city of Portsbridge.

Prizes, Surprises

Get a chance to win prizes like books and games—and stay tuned for more details on games, loot, and events as Level Eater draws nigh!


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