Level Eater 9

Prologue Adventures

in Portsbridge

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Always a Great Time to Start.

Play when you want & change the fate of the realm!

This short, unofficial Dungeons & Dragons adventure series, set in your home realm of Portsbridge, presents seven original adventures leading up the epic events of Level Eater 9 on January 19, 2019!

Battle wicked monsters. Reveal ancient secrets and confront the foes of the realm. Something dangerous is headed to Portsbridge, and we’re counting on you to help defeat it. Each session, a unique story unfolds!

If you’ve never played Dungeons & Dragons, our hosts offer great ways to learn the game and experience a fantastic adventure. Multiple opportunities to play — on select Tuesday nights from November to January — mean you can play a single adventure or come back to see a larger story emerge. Play when you can!

Contribute today, become a hero and join the party. Seats are limited!

To play at our Level Eater table, donate for the nights you want to attend. Your contribution helps support Lumpen Radio and our Level Eater event on January 19, 2019. No prior experience with D&D necessary — we’ll have you playing in no time.

We need at least 2 players (in addition to the host) to have a quorum for play. We sit down at 7pm, choose characters, and go adventuring until about 10pm or so. Be on your best behavior — this is a chance to make new friends and be heroes.
We play using the current, fifth-edition of Dungeons & Dragons. We seldom use miniatures, focusing instead on the “theater of the mind.” Level Eater adventures mix battles, exploration, and roleplaying to evoke a thrilling world in need of heroism.
We provide ready-to-play characters for you to play in the game, from sword-wielding fighters to brilliant wizards and beyond. Between adventures, we level up the characters — then offer them for play again next week … if they survive.
Each week, the players in attendance select from the available characters. You might play the same character several times — or you might not. Try out new character classes, powers, and spells. This is a great way to dabble with characters that are new to you!

Your contribution gets you a seat at the table, some refreshment from the good humans at Marz Community Brewing, and loaner materials you need to play that night, like dice, a character, and other fun stuff we might have on hand.

Your contribution gets us funds we need to develop Level Eater Adventures content and put on events like Level Eater 9 — which raises funds for Lumpen Radio. Together, as a community, we play and our adventuring party prospers.

Your contribution gets you everything you need to play, but other goodies may be available for sale on site, such as treasured trinkets to help your characters achieve great heroics or copies of our coveted Level Eater character journal ($10).

The city of Portsbridge breaks down broadly into three main factions, each representing different philosophies and traditions of the realm. Each faction awards powerful treasures to adventurers who undertake quests on behalf of that faction.

At the beginning of each adventure, choose a faction for your character to support that week. Each pledge earns a point for the faction. As a faction gains points, it offers more powerful treasures. See the Portsbridge page for more.

Marz Community Brewing

Where we play the Level Eater prologue adventures!

Co-Prosperity Sphere

Home of the main event: Level Eater 9!

In the realm of Portsbridge…

In the aftermath of an attack by the Vile Mind — a nefarious, hateful power from deep in the outer cosmos — the city of Portsbridge is rebuilding. As part of that, the people seek to understand the strange realm they have been magically moved into, and to prepare for whatever crisis or creature is surely coming for the city next.

In this fraught and wary time, allies seem few. Many in the city look to the visionary proclamations of a human called Oris, who has foreseen a vast and terrible army pillaging and burning the city. His followers — the Fervent — work to bolster the city’s defenses and prepare every citizen to fight for it.

Portsbridge needs heroes.

Adventure #2

Details coming soon.

An account of the actual-play experience.

Adventure #4

Details coming soon.

An account of the actual-play experience.

Adventure #6

Details coming soon.

An account of the actual-play experience.

“Quest for the Lost Vault”


Irreplaceable treasures of the realm need to be found and secured before the coming war. That means retrieving lost artifacts from monster-infested ruins beneath the city and escorting the recovered treasures to one of the modern vaults in the city, where they can be protected by locks and keys and the blessings of Oris.

But an unforeseen encounter changes everything …

Stay tuned! An account of the actual-play experience is still to come.

Adventure #3

Details coming soon.

An account of the actual-play experience.

Adventure #5

Details coming soon.

An account of the actual-play experience.

Adventure #7

Details coming soon.

An account of the actual-play experience.