Here's How It Worked...

5th Edition

Our adventure was designed for the current, 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons, with fun, new mods by local game designer, Will Hindmarch, that made each quest unique.

12 Tables

Level Eater 8 featured a dozen tables playing at once, all mystically linked together to fight evil. Each table was overseen by great, experienced Dungeon Masters.

5 Players

Each table sat five players. We provided dice and ready-to-play characters. Completed quests interacted with each other to deal damage to an evil boss monster. We won!

Work Together to Fight Evil

Quests came in many shapes and sizes at Level Eater 8. Characters fought deadly monsters! Outwitted cutthroats and thieves! Won a drinking contest in the local tavern!  Along the way, players shared treasures and secrets with other tables — and their adventure was a success!

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