Level Eater 8.88

Versus the Vile Mind

January 2018

The arcane might of the Vile Mind almost brought our city to ruin. Adventurers, working to unite our city in more than one world, have saved us again—this time with the help of mystic spiders and strange cosmic powers. No way is this over yet…

It is done. Dozens of brave adventurers banded together, to fight evil—and we won. But the aftermath has sent the city of Portsbridge to a new plane of existence… to be continued in the Level Eater Adventures podcast!

Level Eater and Lumpen Radio extend many mighty thanks to 3 Floyds Brewing, Cards Against Humanity, Cat & Mouse Games, The Decemberists, Field Notes, Gameplaywright Press, Illimat, Marz Brewing, Oni Press, Poler Stuff, Scout Books, Stumptown Coffee, Wet Wizard Sauce, and Wizards of the Coast for helping to make Level Eater 8.88 an outstanding success!

Many and mighty thanks, as well, to all the artists, guests, and Dungeon Masters who helped us bring the fantasy city of Portsbridge to life.

Together, we defeated evil … for now.


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Work Together to Fight Evil

Quests came in many shapes and sizes at Level Eater 8. Characters fought deadly monsters! Outwitted cutthroats and thieves! Won a drinking contest in the local tavern!  Along the way, players shared treasures and secrets with other tables — and their adventure was a success!

5th Edition

Our adventure was designed for the current edition of Dungeons & Dragons, with fun, new mods by local game designer, Will Hindmarch, that made each quest a unique part of the individual adventures and the cooperative challenge against the enemy.

12 Tables

Level Eater 8 featured a dozen tables playing at once, all mystically linked together to fight evil. Each table was overseen by great, experienced Dungeon Masters.

5 Players Per

Each table sat five players. We provided dice and ready-to-play characters. Completed quests interacted with each other to deal damage to an evil boss monster. We won!


Our home—the city of Portsbridgeis in danger! Since its founding, centuries ago, the city has known fortune and hardship. It has been built and rebuilt by industry and wizardry alike. Some parts crumble while others gleam. Smell the fresh breads and fabled beers of the craftspeople. New lamps light the avenues—but they also reveal cracks in the cobblestones and walls.

Ours is a city of toil and adventure, of ordinary troubles and magical wonders. It’s a place worth saving—but none of us can save it alone.

In its dreadful battles against cosmic horrors, the city has peeled apart into different, parallel realities held together by cosmic, mystic strands and strings. It might never be whole again. Every once in a while, though, you can just catch a glimpse of the city’s reflection in itself … and see into another version of our world.

To keep our fractured world together against the ongoing onslaught of cruel and hateful horrors, we need the help of ancient spirits who know how to weave together worlds out of gossamer and song. We need the magics of spiders.

Spider Lore

Some among the cosmic spiders are kind and merciful, spinning webs to hold our world together. Others drip with venom, stalking webs to capture us on behalf of their cruel masters and the so-called gods they serve. All of them can move from one reality to the next.

Some spiders want to help us; some want to destroy us. Do not believe those who say all spiders are the same…

Arcane Lore

Long ago, in the shadowy void at the start of time, before the oceans cooled the land and gods made worlds from chaos, strange creatures ruled. Some now think of them as demigods, but they were never divine. They are, as they always were, monsters entangled within the very fabric of the universe.

They bear no allegiances; though they say otherwise.

They hold no laws or lands dear; they fake their oaths.

They cherish nothing; they hate even themselves.

Their very presence distorts this world, shivering it apart, further into separate realities, even as they deny the harm they do. They want only power—over other beings, over this world, over anything they can clutch in their sticky, thorny tentacles. They want to devour our bodies, leave our spirits to rot, and flay our minds.

And they almost conquered our city…