Upcoming Level Eater Events

Actual Play Events and Fundraisers

Level Eater Portland Returns

The next adventure in the saga of Greenmoss comes to Portland, Oregon, in October of 2019 to raise money for MyMusicRx!

Level Eater X

Following a brutal but temporary defeat in 2019, the adventurers of Portsbridge confront the enemy that was foretold—the Devourer!—in January of 2020.

Events of the
Past and Future

Level Eater events mix original art celebrating the fantastical imagery and fabulous weirdness of Dungeons & Dragons with unique opportunities for actual play with friends and neighbors.

Often our events combine single-table play with event-wide twists that give every player a chance to shine—and a heroic experience to share.

Along the way, we raise funds for organizations like Lumpen Radio and MyMusicRx. Our adventurers don’t just battle evil in play—they contribute to making the real world a more wondrous place.

Join us for one of our unique events or browse our archive of adventures from the past.