Level Eater 9 Draws Nigh








January 19, 2019

1pm to Midnight

Level Eater 9 is a fundraiser for Lumpen Radio

The Level Eater 9 on-air prologue adventure features our stellar new theme music!

About the Game Day


Cat & Mouse Games will be on hand from 3pm to 8pm with dice, minis, and more for your adventures!

Join us free from 1pm to 5pm (or so) at the Co-Prosperity Sphere to play at an open table or sample a great gaming activity. Events begin throughout the day!


  • D&D-style arena battles!

  • Intro to D&D!

  • Minis painting!

  • Demos of new games!

  • Great raffle prizes!

  • Meet local gamers and impresarios like the Sugar Gamers and try their new games!

About Level Eater

By day, Level Eater presents an opportunity for gamers to play, encounter local geek and gamer culture, and discover new games. By night, we play a ticketed, multi-table D&D campaign set in the fantastical city of Portsbridge—created just for us. To learn the lore of the land, listen to the adventures we’ve played on-air on Lumpen Radio over the years or read the accounts of the prologue adventures we played this year, which presaged Level Eater 9!

About the Game Night


Ticket-holders: bring cash for raffle tickets, magic items, dice, miniatures, snacks and drinks, custom-made tees, and other surprises!

Get a custom character sketch by legendary artist Gene Ha!

Arrive early and enjoy yourself.

Play well. Honor our Code of Conduct. Fight Evil.

VIP Guests

Players & DMs

Our VIP guests have come to participate at your VIP table. Dary Ross is a DM at one table, while Kenneth Hite and Tasha Robinson are there to join your adventuring party and help you fight evil and win the day.

VIP Guest

Tasha Robinson

Tasha Robinson is the Film & Television editor at The Verge, and a former film writer and editor with The Dissolve and The Onion’s A.V. Club. She is a co-host on The Next Picture Show, a movie-of-the-week podcast that pairs new releases with old classics to find out how similar films contextualize each other. She has a numbingly large collection of indie RPGs that she swears she’s going to run someday, if her current six campaigns ever wrap up.

VIP Guest

Darcy Ross

Prolific game-master and player Darcy Ross is an ambassador for RPGs of all sorts, both in her community-building role at Monte Cook Games and in numerous adventures streaming online. As if that’s not enough, she’s also a scientist with an expertise in biology and a fondness for snails, because snails.

VIP Guest

Kenneth Hite

Chicago game designer and writer Kenneth Hite is a master of history and horror in games as proven through his work in Trail of Cthulhu, Night’s Black Agents, and Vampire: The Masquerade. He co-hosts the award-winning podcast Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff with writer and designer Robin D. Laws.

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