Level Eater X Party!

January 17, 2020, 7pm

Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago

Level Eater X Main Event

 January 18, 2020, 7pm

Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago

Join us at the Co-Prosperity Sphere, from 2pm to 6pm on Saturday the 18th, for free demos from the Sugar Gamers, a peek at the rock-and-revolution RPG Velvet Generation, and a death-defying dungeon adventure — FREE! Space is limited, so come by early.

Level Eater X is a fundraiser for Lumpen Radio

Be heroic.
Play D&D.

Author James D’Amato is the creator and gamemaster of the One Shot podcast. He trained at Second City and iO in Chicago. Play with him as DM at the High Tower VIP Table!

Game designer, writer, and celebrated podcaster Kenneth Hite creates epic games and books like Trail of Cthulhu and The Dracula Dossier. Play with him in your party at the Table of Secrets VIP Table!

Musician, producer, and gamer Chris Funk makes music with The Decemberists and games like Illimat, from Twogether Studios. Play with him in your party at the Infinity Table VIP Table!

Writer, critic, and media thinker Tasha R. Robinson‘s canny insight into movies, literature, and games makes her an ideal companion on any adventure. Play with her in your party at the Table of the Air VIP Table!

Darcy Ross is a gaming ambassador and community manager for Monte Cook Games and a rising star in the streaming-game scene. Play with her as your DM at the Table of the Air VIP Table!

We play from 8pm until 12am. Our expert and friendly DMs can help you learn or relearn how to play your choice of the characters we provide for you. Each table plays on its own but cooperates to fight evil. It’s magic!

Choose your quests. Our open-world style adventures let your table choose the Combat, Roleplaying, and Exploration quests you want to play as a group, as you go. 

Defeat the Devourer. Each quest completed earns quest points. At midnight, we total up all of the quest points earned across every table and compare that to the secret total required to defeat the evil Devourer and save Portsbridge!

Catch up on the new Level Eater Radio Prologue (or any of our previous audio prologues) through the magic of streaming audio!

Level Eater in Chicago determines the fate of the fantastical city of Portsbridge—cast out between worlds, hovering in the heavens, by a curse from an evil foe called the Nemesis!

The giveaway supporting Level Eater is not administrated, sponsored, or endorsed by Wizards of the Coast.

Co-Prosperity Sphere