Level Eater takes on a new form.

Embark on fantastic adventures without leaving your croft this year as Level Eater XI moves online to stay socially distant and heroically bold.

Adventure For All.

NOW! Our adventure package is online, with ready-to-play characters on the way, all for heroic gaming groups. Play the official Level Eater XI adventure with your own group online!

Report In.

After you’ve played your choice of quests, follow the link in the adventure package to report how five of those quests turned out for you. What you accomplish affects the future of Portsbridge!

Your Group…

Your group’s results contribute to ongoing point totals updated here at the site every few days, as reports come in. Do you seek treasure? Prestige? Power? Your choices shape the outcomes.

…Our Hosts.

Now you can play online with some of our proven Level Eater DMs in hosted, 4-hour marathon session. We have DMs for a variety of platforms at a variety of times! Check it out!

Fallen into a Strange Realm

Following its escape from the Devourer, the roaming city of Portsbridge has fallen into a strange realm and become caught between two rival kingdoms.

This time, we are the outsiders from beyond the sky and it is up to our heroic adventurers to help this land and its people so they can, in turn, help Portsbridge get home.

How will you shape the legends of Portsbridge that the peoples of these lands remember? Will you be the heroes we’ve been waiting for?

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  • Components

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The Lore and Legends of Portsbridge!

Exploring the first ten years of Level Eater in Portsbridge, this limited-edition lorebook includes fantastical art, behind-the-scenes information, and a thrilling account of Level Eater adventures!

We’re only printing a small number of these, so get yours early. Copies purchased through the Buddy Shop get a digital (PDF) copy, teeming with bookmarks, right away.


  • 6 x 9″ softcover book
  • 152 pages, including color plates
  • Digital copy with purchase at Buddy Shop
  • New monsters
  • New backgrounds
  • Secret lore
  • Richly illustrated