You, Hero

We need you! Whether you play with a whole group of heroes or not, getting the Level Eater XI Adventure Pack lets you impact the course of the campaign’s saga! Get the pack, follow the link, and shape the future of this realm!

Level Eater in a New Form.

Embark on adventure without leaving your croft this year as Level Eater XI moves online.

Stay tuned to learn about our LIVE Event Finale on Twitch: Friday, January 29, 8pm Central!


With Arsenal supplies, Portsbridge readies its defenses and prepares itself for battle.

The city’s defenses are sturdy, its people braced, but vulnerabilities remain.


Provisions feed and nourish the folk for the winter (or the journey) ahead.

The city is well stocked with food, medicine, and firewood for the winter.


Components fuel magical pursuits, including teleporting to a new realm, if chosen.

The city’s arcane spell-workers are the least supplied, making work difficult.

Adventure For All.

NOW! Our adventure package is available to donors online for heroic gaming groups. Play the official Level Eater XI adventure with your own group if you like!

Our FREE ready-to-play characters use a version of our journal format: get the ZIP of PDFs here.

Report In.

After you’ve played your choice of quests, follow the link in the adventure package to report how five of those quests turned out for you. What you accomplish affects the future of Portsbridge!

Report your quest results online by noon Central on Friday, January 29th!

Your Group…

Each group’s results contribute to ongoing point totals updated here at the site every day, as reports come in. Do you seek arms and armor? Provisions? Power?

Your choices shape our outcomes! Get the adventure pack, follow the link, and change the game!

…Our Fate.

Where the supply counts above fall, from highest to lowest, influences the future of Portsbridge. Whichever supply count is lowest, that’s where the next threat shall emerge. Whichever is highest sets the mood for life in the city until the next event. Where are we weak and where are we strong?

Fallen into a Strange Realm

Following its escape from the Devourer, the roaming city of Portsbridge has fallen into a new realm and become caught between rival kingdoms.

This time, we are the outsiders from beyond the sky and it is up to our heroic adventurers to help this land and its people so they can, in turn, help Portsbridge get home.

How will you shape the legends of Portsbridge that the peoples of these lands remember? Will you be the heroes we’ve been waiting for?

The City Stays...

Portsbridge is a city in motion, transported on magical tides through a cold cosmos and sojourning in new realms.

Should Portsbridge remain in this world?

...or Travels On.

Is it Portsbridge’s fate to sojourn through worlds? Or, with the right magic, can it get home?

Should Portsbridge leave this realm?

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The Lore and Legends of Portsbridge!

Exploring the first ten years of Level Eater in Portsbridge, this limited-edition lorebook includes fantastical art, behind-the-scenes information, and a thrilling account of Level Eater adventures!

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  • 6 x 9″ softcover book
  • 152 pages, including color plates
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  • New monsters
  • New backgrounds
  • Secret lore
  • Richly illustrated