Our Character Journal

For use in any campaign of the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

About the Book

The first Level Eater Adventures character journal debuted at Level Eater Portland in 2018. Additional copies made their way to Chicago for the lead up to Level Eater 9 and were available at events.

This illustrated, 5×7-inch journal was designed to help you say more about your roleplaying-game character. Entries for physical descriptions don’t have to be mere numbers. Describe your character in your own words.

How you write is up to you. Do you write in the third-person perspective or in the first-person? Do you jot down quotes from play or notes on your character’s goals for the future? Is your level-by-level section for game rules or fond memories? Fill the spaces here with what matters to you about play.

If you were fortunate enough to get a copy, we hope your book accompanies you on many adventures. Onward!

Book design by Will Hindmarch
Illustrated by Donovan Beeson and Shel Kahn
Printed by Scout Books
Special thanks to Seann McKeel and Chris Funk